I wish I knew as much as I did when I was 18

This blog site is a summary of what I have learned since I was 18 years old when I knew everything. When all was certain and clear.

Since then I have learned uncertainty. I have learned that almost all the ideas I was brought up with were wrong. I have found my way through to a new mental world created by me, for me, based on every experience I have had, everything I have ever watched, all I have listened to, touched and felt.

It isn’t over yet. If my understanding of the world does not continue to evolve I will be highly suspicious because the that would mean I was definitely right. The last time I was definitely right was 18.

That guy¬† didn’t know anything.

Two things I was taught by my parents and understood before I was six years old gave me a toolkit that allowed me to tear down my reality and rebuild it:

  1. There are no sacred cows (no information, no idea is beyond intelligent questioning).
  2. Respect is earned (too many people with power over others like politicians or teachers try to demand respect).

It is November 2017. I am 45. This blog is what I’ve rebuilt so far.